The Coastal Vibe

I’m back home.

I had a wonderful weekend visit with my brother, Chris, and more family with Laura and Joe who are packing up and heading uptown… well, up north for sure.

It truly was a very enriching weekend – and I shall leave my visit with my true love, Pepper, for another time – another place.

What was the challenge? (Because all great adventures have a challenge…)

Sitting in traffic, going nowhere, in the hot, valley heat.

It was trying to try my patience.

Luckily – I have playlists for daze!!

And the silver lining is I appreciate the coastal weather all the more…

Welcome home!

Beautiful Night

i’m a bit spent – which is good.

a lot has been accomplished this week; and yet, nothing at all

i am still in a state of seeking the unwavering consciousness of timeless Love.

Eternal being

…and I am grateful.

a lot has been accomplished this week. there is still a lot i want to do.


And I walk upright; and I fall

Grace is not absent
She lifts my Spirit
When I accidently drag it ’round

I know I’ve fallen
Because my eyes
See only flesh and ground

And every Loved being
Gets a second chance
One day, in Grace
We all shall have joined the dance

it is going to happen

if we continue to hang out together, i am going to piss you off. i am going to offend you. it is going to happen.

I do not wish to live in a world in which boundaries are not explored. we are infinite beings; created from infinite love.

ultimately, we are alive without borders….

so – i shall continue to look for the places in which we have hidden, or stopped, our Love.

of course, you have full permission to do so with me, too.


end it all

I gotta admit, it’s been a real week.

dang it! I should have recorded and uploaded my 0Time earlier today…

I had a feeling.

If anything at all, life is fuckin’ rich! It ain’t boring!!

I just wish our children didn’t need to suffer the choices of their parents.

One day…

Peace in the valley

What have i learned this week?

That we are interconnected… there are no secrets.

So, why do we live as though there are?

I don’t know the answer to that. It seems it is a choice.

The beauty and Hope of Life is we can change our mind. In changing our mind, we change our outlook.

In changing our outlook, we change Life.

Life is Good. Life is Love.

tall, tall mountain

thus ends another week; and weak I am…

I truly have doubts about my ability to succeed – to accomplish some of the big dream items I still have.

  • own a family home in mill valley
  • a career in at least one of the creative arts of my choosing
  • a positive, romantic relationship

and as i imagine myself this week; it’s face grind into asphalt – scabbed up and beaten down

AND – i also remain hopeful and happy…

so, yeah – what’s that all about?

I’m glad to be alive.