Greg Wilker is a very capable producer for many reasons. First of all he is a team player, open to suggestions and feed back which builds community and collaboration. Greg brings a wealth of experience and understanding of the creative process from the page to the final mix. Greg’s professional, relaxed approach encourages the best from your team; on time and on budget he has the capacity to anticipate problems and solves them before your production comes to a screeching halt. He has saved the day on many an occasions. I highly recommend Greg, he would be a great asset to any production.

Greg Wilker is a talented and extremely versatile film producer. A true lover of cinema, with a filmmaker’s mentality, he is able to make contributions on all aspects of production. On my movie BAJA, for which Greg was producer, he helped raise financing, source crew, manage physical production, keep accurate records, create and manage social media, and market the movie to distributors, among many, many other responsibilities which a true producer must undertake. And through it all, Greg did his work with care and kindness, which hugely supported the production/staff, and helped shape its ultimate, successful form. I highly recommend Greg Wilker for any production, large or small.