Website Counseling and Therapy

~ helping people find health and sanity with their web sites ~

My goal with websites is to help you achieve autonomy with your site(s).

You might not want the regular responsibilities of maintaining your online assets (websites, blogs, social media, etc.), however, knowing some basic information will help you communicate and manage the people who do have those responsibilities.

And I know that it is not an easy task — for some of you, it might be quite daunting.

I will help you breath, relax and calmly go through the barriers that keep you from the success you are envisioning with your websites.

Dear Greg,

I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate your help with my website, katybirdsshop.

I came to you with loads of ideas and wants for my website all jumbled up in my head without a single clue as to how they were going to get into a cohesive state, then out of my head and into my website.  You not only taught me how to build my website, but first you had to help me get the scrambled mess in my head organized, compartmentalized, prioritized, and laid out on paper.  It was a wee-bit complicated, like a labyrinth, as my website ended up with 117 pages!  You helped me through this labyrinth with your experience, knowledge and creative ideas and presented everything in a way I could understand, so that I could, in a very short period of time, work on my website without your help.

I know at times, I must have tried your patience, but you never showed it.  Before you could even talk to me about the mechanics of building my website you had to explain the most rudimentary terms, phrases and concepts (which, as I remember didn’t come easily to me!) about computers and this whole “techie” world in general.  Not an easy task for you. Greg, thank you.

I think my website is pretty awesome and I continue to work on it…….. on my own.

Thank you so very much!!
Katy Balthazar

Greg’s combination of expertise, encouragement and gentle prodding allowed me to finally update my site after much resistance and avoidance. Every time I was stuck, he was there to walk me through a solution, or implement one himself, whichever was needed most.

Our work together resulted in a polished, professional and well-turned site — I am thrilled and pleased!

Greg shares information so if flows in sequentially and makes it easy to understand with metaphors if it is a new concept.
I feel comfortable asking him questions within the class.
He is very patient and allows his students to do the work so we get the hang of it.
He listens when other view points are expressed and when the visual concept is given to him, he helps make it happen so it is tailored to our needs. He lets go of what is the norm or what others are doing so he pleases his clients.

Take a class with him, you will be glad you did!