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Live With Greg – Season 8 Episode 71 – The Furb

Episode Seventy-One brings me back to the beginning: Chris Furbee is why I have a podcast. He was my first guest… we recorded the episode with an idea for a joke. To ask a question and then be silent for as long as we could possibly go. And here we are almost nine years later. […]

Live With Greg – Season 8 Episode 70 – Still Waters Run Deep

September 2021, episode 70, is with a good friend; Brook. Though our paths don’t often meet up, she is someone I’ve known for many years – and feel close to regardless of time between visits. I’ve always admired her strength, and this episode I got a little glimpse into the depth from which such strength […]

Live With Greg – Season 8 Episode 69 – Waste Not; Want Not

August 2021, episode 69, is an encore visit with Molly de Vries. She has truly been a dear friend, someone I’ve grown close to. AND!… more importantly, she is a Zero Waste warrior! An Earth liaison for community – us lay people & governing bodies – and the entities dealing with waste management. Molly is […]

Live With Greg – Season 8 Episode 68 – Live With Grace

July’s episode is with a very special guest; Ashlyn Thomas. Ashlyn was born with spina bifida “— a term that means “split spine” — is a condition that occurs when the brain, spinal cord, or the membranes that cover them (meninges) do not completely develop.” However, what is most important about Ashlyn is her outlook […]

The Coastal Vibe

I’m back home. I had a wonderful weekend visit with my brother, Chris, and more family with Laura and Joe who are packing up and heading uptown… well, up north for sure. It truly was a very enriching weekend – and I shall leave my visit with my true love, Pepper, for another time – […]

Beautiful Night

i’m a bit spent – which is good. a lot has been accomplished this week; and yet, nothing at all i am still in a state of seeking the unwavering consciousness of timeless Love. Eternal being …and I am grateful. a lot has been accomplished this week. there is still a lot i want to […]

Live With Greg – Season 8 Episode 67 – Walkabout

In his own words, my dear friend Peter Nevins is an “Artist | Printmaker | Troubadour”. There are two people I am aware of, whom I consider friends, that are living a truly creative life. Peter is one of them. His work is amazing, in all it’s forms. He is a creative being to hang […]

And I walk upright; and I fall

Grace is not absent She lifts my Spirit When I accidently drag it ’round I know I’ve fallen Because my eyes See only flesh and ground And every Loved being Gets a second chance One day, in Grace We all shall have joined the dance

it is going to happen

if we continue to hang out together, i am going to piss you off. i am going to offend you. it is going to happen. I do not wish to live in a world in which boundaries are not explored. we are infinite beings; created from infinite love. ultimately, we are alive without borders…. so […]

end it all

I gotta admit, it’s been a real week. dang it! I should have recorded and uploaded my 0Time earlier today… I had a feeling. If anything at all, life is fuckin’ rich! It ain’t boring!! I just wish our children didn’t need to suffer the choices of their parents. One day…