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Live With Greg – Season 8 Episode 65 – Racial Equity Transformation

This episode is a wonderful follow-up to last month’s episode. Below is from Deborah’s bio… and her sharing her time for this episode is a great gift. I hope you accept this gift with the grace with which it was given. If you’re interested in contacting her, she may be reached at

Deborah McKnight has been centering race and racial equity for over 30 years. She believes in the power of strong and equitable instructional environments to change lives. Upon moving to the US Virgin Islands from her native New York and implementing the first special education model of its kind on the island of St. John she witnessed this firsthand. There she was voted “Best Teacher” by the community and the Virgin Islands Daily News because of her ability to positively impact the lives of her students.

Not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced. — James Baldwin

This work is both personal and professional for me. Race has been used to sort and classify students since Brown vs. Board of Education and when I was growing up in New York it was either college track or vocational track in high school. I often think back to my oldest brother, when the White guidance counselor insisted he be placed in the vocation track. He wouldn’t be the doctor he is today if my White mother allowed this for her brilliant Black son and insisted he be placed in the college readiness courses. Tracking has since given way to Gifted Education, AP Honors, and our current special education system which has resulted in racial segregation under the guise of ability and “disability.”


Live With Greg – Season 8 Episode 64 – “Be Good to Yourself”

It is good medicine; this season eight opener.

Toast is one of my brothers; blood in – blood out. And I learned from this meeting with him… so I am grateful for this going live.

Perhaps, you, too, will learn from our conversation…

If nothing else, as Toast says in his out-going message:

…be good to yourself.

What better wish is there for somebody?

(And if you want his excellent services in your world, he can be reached via this business: Tim Wright Building and Electrical Services.)


Live With Greg – Season 7 Episode 63 – Chickeebob

Bob Wertzberger – daaaammmnnnnn! There is nothing but a good vibe in my life from this gentleman!

Wertz introduced me to a lot of the music that first formed my appreciation for… Rock n Roll!

Van Halen, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, U.F.O.… all first heard with, and because of, Wertzberger! We liked it loud.

We even had a lunch hour radio show that we pre-recorded and broadcast in the HHS cafeteria. Not yet open to the nuance of genre — and plethora of possibility — it was a very one-sided presentation of the music listened to by the student body.

Wertz was one of my solid hang-outs, adventurers, buddies… and it was great to hang with him again, in the autumn of our years… and find that brotherhood is as solid today as it ever was.

I recommend listening to more of his music, under the names:
Bobnoxious: Soundcloud | Pandora
Chickeebob: BA Punk | Facebook | Hear Now

Live With Greg – Season 7 Episode 62 – Black Lives Matter

I appreciate this episode very much – with a close friend and guide; Marc Wendt.

I trust him absolutely with the potentially volatile topic we broached this episode – and I know he has a solid experience in dissecting and learning about his own place in a racist system. And he is devoted to being part of the healing and eradication of racism.

So… we ventured forth.

Part of my trust stems from the knowledge from experience that our faux pas aren’t game-stoppers; they’re to be learned from – part of the process of healing. Thus, I don’t need to avoid areas of challenge.

I hope you, also, appreciate this timely episode.

If interested, the course Marc refers to is, “heal thyself diversity intensive for people racialized as white”. More about it – and signing up can be found here:

And if you are interested in hiring an amazing, and very dedicated life coach in your life – I highly recommend working with Marc. His site is at

Live With Greg – Season 7 Episode 61 – Shadows and Light

One of my favorite songs is by Joni Mitchell: Shadows and Light.

I have the pleasure of presenting another great artist, Nora Bruhn. I came across her work via the Paint The Void Project in San Francisco. This great, big, gorgeous flower erupted on my screen – full bloom.

I chatted with Nora and found her to be very open… and luckily, she’s green lit this episode of LWG.

She’s a neighbor, an artist, and a brave creative explorer of this physical realm – we definitely got into a discussion about shadows and light.

You can explore more about her here:

And I think I’d be remiss to not have link to Paint the Void:
“Giving grants to artists for safeguarding hope and beauty in the wake of COVID-19”

…you’ll learn a lot about Nora in this episode. Again, her openness I found very refreshing – and damn; she’s talented!

#D11 #LWG

Live With Greg – Season 7 Episode 60 – An Open-mind and a Willingness to be Guided

Episode Sixty… is an episode that should have happened a long time ago. Christopher is a brother—heart to heart. Like a true brother, He’s pissed at me sometimes. And he pisses me off sometimes. We went through a pretty heavy bout about a year ago… half a year ago… ?? I’m not sure.

But we were talking with each other within a week’s time; when he gave me a raving testimonial for my skills as a producer.

He took me off the streets, and has shared his intimate life with me from day one of us knowing each other.

AND… if you want someone who can help you kick what ever addiction is driving you nuts; he’s a number one coach/sponsor. Here’s his Clean & Sober site:

He’s got a work in progress, interviews and exploration about Love, Sex, and Relationships:

He’s the most honest person I know, struggling in the mire of “who am i?” like the rest of us.

It’s an honor to present, my Broham… Christopher Dienstag.

Live With Greg – Season 7 Episode 59 – More Betta With Mo Black

Episode 59 is with special guest; Mo Black!

I met Mo many years ago, and was struck. She’s a bright light.

I came to meet her family a bit over the years – and they all shine brightly.

One thing I have always counted on when hanging with Mo, we’re going to be engaged in some real talk. This episode is rich in content and thought…

Live With Greg – Season 7 Episode 58 – B

Episode 58 is with special guest; Jonah Dunkel Wilker!

I want to thank my son for stepping in at the last second… And that’s who Jonah is.

Besides being a brilliant musician/producer, having a great sense of humor… he also is a deeply resonant thinker empathetic to people in his life.

To me, he is “B”. I think this episode sheds a little glimmer of light into who he is… a little…

Live With Greg – Season 7 Episode 57 – Habibi

Season 7 continues, still, in quarantine. 2020 is historically, on a global level, one of the strangest recorded times in human history.

And Habibi remains, for me, on a global scale, one of the most beloved and amazing human beings I know.

She’s honored me with a third guest spot, for the third episode of Live With Greg.


Live With Greg – Season 7 Episode 56 – Cloistered

Season 7 continues in quarantine. It is the year of COVID-19 – and I am with Kayla Thomas; roommate and second guest of season seven.