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Season Two Episode Ten: Lizabeth Healy

Season Two opens with a visit from Lizabeth; and we discuss all things about peace, love and understanding… what’s so funny?


Season One Episode Nine – Season Finale!: Robyn Bri

Episode Nine introduces the beautiful and brilliant, Robyn Bri… Habibi! (and this is our season finale – season 2 begins April 2015)


Season One Episode Eight: The Healer

Episode Eight finds me in serious conversation with The Healer… and the possibility of losing my show. 😉


Season One Episode Seven: Jonah Finn

Episode Seven finds me hanging with the very funny Jonah Finn… I’m not sure why I’m involved in this one—I only get in the way.


Season One Episode Six: Elizabeth Dunkel

Episode Six finds me hanging with my love, my life, my partner; my wife. If anyone knows about “Live With Greg”, she does…


Season One Episode Five: Marc Wendt

This episode, we hang with Golden Bear, Marc Wendt – a practiced Jedi Knight

Golden Bear would like to share this link with you…


Season One Episode Four: Bodhi

In this episode, we meet the creative genius who graces the podcast logo… and we learn a bit more of what it is like to “Live With Greg”.


Season One Episode Three: Karenna Love

more information from Karenna at:…

Deep gratitude for Karenna to allow herself to be seen/voiced without the normal safety nets this medium usually has. This is completely unrehearsed and i don’t edit “Live with Greg”…


Season One Episode Two: O.G. “Toast” Jackson

O.G. Tony “Toast” Jackson and Greg talk about anger, neighbors, and some history…


Season One Episode One

“Live With Greg” begins with special guest Chris Furbee, live at Dog Town in Fairfax, CA.