Live With Greg – Season 9 Episode 75 – Celluloid Heroes

My second episode of S9 was pure delight. Tony Vidal, founder/creator of Prankster Entertainment, invited me to be an intimate part of his journey in feature films. It is a gift in my life I am deeply grateful for.

And as many know, a lot of the stories of storytelling are behind the scenes of the story being told.

I think this is a great insight into a person’s creative journey, the choices made – and what has remained important through it all.

AND – I highly recommend checking out the current features produced by Prankster Entertainment: The Prankster, Baja, and Free Byrd. The uphold Prankster Entertainment’s mission:
We live in a fascinating and crucial time. Now more than ever there is a need for uplifting movies that lighten the heart and expand awareness. To put people in touch with the sacred has always been the ultimate purpose of storytelling.

Prankster Entertainment’s goal is to inspire and awaken, through entertaining human stories geared for a mass audience. We invite you to journey with us into this realm of hope and joy.

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