Live With Greg – Season 9 Episode 77 – A Gentleman’s Gentleman

Robert Monegan is truly a gentleman’s gentleman. He has lived his life defiantly fabulous from day one. From everything I have heard about the man, and from my own experience, this is true.

He has been in my corner, supporting my creative path, like no-one else. And more importantly, he has persevered with his own artistic vision through all the challenges. I believe we both would admit the biggest challenge is ourselves. If we could just get out of our own damn way…

But I digress. I am deeply honored that he shared himself so openly. More important; I am deeply honored to consider this man family.

Now, with a toss of our hair, let’s get to it.

Filmmaker, Writer, Director, Artist. Robert Monegan has three films, THE EYES OF THE WORLD, DRIVE, and DOUBLE A, he wrote, directed, and currently screening in various film festivals. Future projects include a live action film based on his Glam Divas characters, and producing his play, DEFIANTLY FABULOUS – a gay/comedic twist on the classic 1958 Tony Curtis/Sidney Poitier film, The Defiant Ones.

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