How far the fall?

As I write, I sit here with many challenges.

One associate I do work for, well, I’m not clear why communication is so difficult… and having just reread one of their emails with work direction, I’d say part of it is I’m not giving a clear consciousness to, grounded manner, reading and paying attention to what is said — which is what I was thinking is their issue.

Matthew 7:4

And there in is the rub; more likely then not—I’d bet on it—I am my problem.

Shall I be discouraged? Should I give up in hopeless disgust with myself… thinking bountiful joy and uplifting, creative energy is a impossible dream?

I feel the dead weight of dead energy in me. Who else should take responsibility for the inner chaos of my storm?

There is no other course I know then to get back up, and continually step forward to the only Light I know — until I know differently.

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