Live With Greg – Season 7 Episode 60 – An Open-mind and a Willingness to be Guided

Episode Sixty… is an episode that should have happened a long time ago. Christopher is a brother—heart to heart. Like a true brother, He’s pissed at me sometimes. And he pisses me off sometimes. We went through a pretty heavy bout about a year ago… half a year ago… ?? I’m not sure.

But we were talking with each other within a week’s time; when he gave me a raving testimonial for my skills as a producer.

He took me off the streets, and has shared his intimate life with me from day one of us knowing each other.

AND… if you want someone who can help you kick what ever addiction is driving you nuts; he’s a number one coach/sponsor. Here’s his Clean & Sober site:

He’s got a work in progress, interviews and exploration about Love, Sex, and Relationships:

He’s the most honest person I know, struggling in the mire of “who am i?” like the rest of us.

It’s an honor to present, my Broham… Christopher Dienstag.

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