Live With Greg – Season 6 Episode 47 – A Deeper Look

This is a follow-up episode. Barry really wanted to be able to show his work. He expressed interest in wanting to do a follow-up…

And it makes sense to me:

The picture is worth ten thousand words.

So — i threw out the standard sitting down format that I’ve been working with for the past five seasons and we shot episode 47 Cinéma Vérité style. Besides; my quest is to find the rules that can’t be broken and live by them.

Barry may not agree, an artist’s work is very personal to them — yes? However, I think in the infinite energy of life, Barry reaches into the flow and pulls out a moment, maintaining the essence of the infinite and showing it in a caught moment. I especially see it with his dogmotion series — there is one image in particular that remains with me; communicating infinite life in motion.

However, art is best experienced for oneself. So I hope you enjoy this off the rule book episode 47.

And I recommend checking out all Barry’s works that he has online at:

P.S. This is a very visual episode. gw


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