LWG: The Furb

Live With Greg – Season 8 Episode 71 – The Furb

Episode Seventy-One brings me back to the beginning: Chris Furbee is why I have a podcast. He was my first guest… we recorded the episode with an idea for a joke. To ask a question and then be silent for as long as we could possibly go. And here we are almost nine years later.

Chris has Huntington’s Disease – and capitalizing that disease seems a mistake to me. I’ve always pictured it as a fuse that is lit in one’s body and there is no way to put it out… and it keeps burning down to an explosion. Chris created a documentary about his Mom passing from the disease and him finding out he also had it. It is quite powerful to watch. It is free for the public on YouTube: Huntington’s Dance.

He is quite open in this interview. I am grateful he is my friend; and I’m grateful for the time he gave me for this episode of LWG.


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