Live With Greg – Season 8 Episode 73 – The Human Solution (bonus episode)

Season 8 has a bonus episode — this one.

I met Mirtha over a year ago. Online. Over our mutual endeavor of making movies.

Mirtha’s second film is based on documented facts; a fictional story based in Sweden about the government supported practice of eugenics. Eugenics literally means “well-born,” and it is the belief system that has fostered the nazi holocaust, and apparently is still in practice here in the united states — and throughout other parts of the world.

Mirtha’s information is important to me. Due to her schedule next year, as she is off to produce her third film, our only opportunity to record an episode came at the end of this year… and thus, you have a bonus episode of Live With Greg.

Mirtha can be contacted via her linked in account:

And her film, The Human Condition, is available on Amazon Prime:

I hope you appreciate this episode as much as I do…

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