Live With Greg – Season 6 Episode 51 – New Mother Nature Taking Over

I was going to use apocalypse in the name of this episode… it seems more fitting to use something upbeat; supportive.

And I don’t really think it’s the new Mother Nature taking over — I think she’s just speaking with more strength so we’ll listen.

This is a very exciting episode for me, with special guest, Mark Northcross. His experience and first-hand accounting of what is happening is, well, a solid wake-up call.

This is from Mark’s LinkedIn bio:
I have worked as a public finance professional since 1981. I started at John Nuveen & Company, became of founding partner of Kelling Northcross & Nobriga, and then started my own firm with Craig Hill in 1996, where I have been since. Prior to 1981 I was an environmental consultant, preparing and presenting EIR’s for California cities and counties.

And this? …is lyrics from The Guess Who’s song…

‘Cause it’s the new mother nature taking over
It’s the new splendid lady come to call
It’s the new mother nature taking over
She’s gettin’ us all
She’s gettin’ us all


Live With Greg – Season 6 Episode 50 – Friendship, Love and Truth

It is truly an honor to have as my guest for episode 50, historian and Odd Fellow, Peter Sellars. Peter and I were in the same class at Hayward High School. I knew he joined the Marines right out of high school – and we pretty much lost track of each other until a high school reunion a few years back.

I recently heard him on a different podcast talk about the conspiracy against the leaders of the United States of which Lincoln’s assassination was a part of. I was also very interested in his quest to find out how the moral code of the Odd Fellows, “Friendship, Love and Truth”, was upheld during the United States Civil War. I, too, find it of upmost interest and a personal goal – to uphold the practice and valor of Love at the times when it is most challenging to myself.

The following is from his current book, How Friendship, Love, and Truth, Survived the American Civil War… and I hope you appreciate episode 50 as much as I do. (you can purchase the book with this link):

Peter V. Sellars is a recognized historian in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. His first two history books, The Independent Order of Odd Fellows in the City of San Francisco and Calling Out From The Past: The First Odd Fellows Home in California, were well received.

In 2005, he established a fraternal museum in San Francisco to maintain books and other items unique to the Odd Fellows. The offices that he has held in the Order have given him greater access to sources, materials, and contacts throughout the United States, which led to the creation of this most recent book relating the Odd Fellows to the Civil War. Sellars holds a BS degree from California State University, Hayward (East Bay), and is retired from the U.S. Marine Corps. He and his wife live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Live With Greg – Season 6 Episode 49 – Late, Audio, Life

Part of why I continue to do my podcast is a practice in discipline. And adapting to get an episode out is part of the process… so this episode is live – audio only. And it’s late.

…and my special guest is Justin Nesbitt. I met Justin one the production of BAJA—he’s one of the producers. He’s also an actor, musician/rapper, stand-up comedy… is there anything this guy doesn’t do?

What I’ve observed and come to admire, is he is always himself. And he brings and gives kindness equally to everyone in every situation.

You can check out his IMDb—and I hope you enjoy listening to episode forty-nine with my special guest, Justin Nesbitt.


Live With Greg – Season 6 Episode 48 – Long Day’s Journey Into Night

This is a tribute interview – a tribute to those who travel this life with Huntington’s Disease. A tribute to Rolando, my guest Barbara Leistico’s husband. A tribute to those suffering from any disease.

It is a tribute to those who survive to see the light on the other end of their long day’s journey into night — and a prayer for this who won’t this time ’round.

I’m deeply grateful to Barbara’s sharing her intimate journey with me… and for her giving the green light — even with Daisy, who is not a poltergeist, digging her way through the living-room carpet… don’t worry — she stops after a bit. (then she starts up again / ha ha ha)


Live With Greg – Season 6 Episode 47 – A Deeper Look

This is a follow-up episode. Barry really wanted to be able to show his work. He expressed interest in wanting to do a follow-up…

And it makes sense to me:

The picture is worth ten thousand words.

So — i threw out the standard sitting down format that I’ve been working with for the past five seasons and we shot episode 47 Cinéma Vérité style. Besides; my quest is to find the rules that can’t be broken and live by them.

Barry may not agree, an artist’s work is very personal to them — yes? However, I think in the infinite energy of life, Barry reaches into the flow and pulls out a moment, maintaining the essence of the infinite and showing it in a caught moment. I especially see it with his dogmotion series — there is one image in particular that remains with me; communicating infinite life in motion.

However, art is best experienced for oneself. So I hope you enjoy this off the rule book episode 47.

And I recommend checking out all Barry’s works that he has online at:

P.S. This is a very visual episode. gw


Live With Greg – Season 6 Episode 46 – Patience (Season opener)

Season Six opens with someone I am very fond of — he sets a fine example for me. I see in him a lot of the attributes I want to live strongly by; mostly Joy and Patience.

Needless to say, I am very heartened to be opening my sixth season with him as a guest.

This bio is from his website:

Photography intrigued me as a teenager, I attended my first workshop in 1973 at The Naples Mills School of Arts and Crafts near Ithaca, New York. My college career yielded a BA in photography from Goddard College in 1978 and included a semester at the San Francisco Art Institute.

My vision is to capture and express images that both embrace and reach beyond the here and now. Photography is an alchemical process – the subject is the raw material, the gold is an image that expresses universal truth beyond that subject, one that makes us think and remember, and ultimately, see the world in a new and different light.

I highly recommend you take a look at his work on his website:

Welcome back to a new season of LWG. I hope you enjoy this year’s visits…


Live With Greg – Season 5 Episode 45 – Kismet (Season Finale)

For the season finale of LWG, I had the honor to share time with September Williams, MD and Sarah E. Kornfeld. My words are going to fall short at this time to describe who they are and what our conversation was about. I can say it was at a telling time in US History as a new supreme court justice had been nominated and was going through the hearings involved with the confirmation process.

This was taped about a month ago and a lot has transpired since that taping. Besides an overall uplifting, what I recall that wonderful afternoon spent with September and Sarah, is the healing communication regarding the charged political event of that confirmation process  — and the overall bravery I witnessed in both women.

Since words are falling short, or time and energy on my part, I am posting from their bios more about September & Sarah.

September Williams is an American physician-writer, bioethicist and filmmaker. All of her work seeks a better understanding of and between ourselves. She focuses on promoting resilience for people who are ill, aging, dying, or stressed by environmental and humanitarian violation. Yet, her writing is fired by the humor which allows people and characters to make it through hard times. Her first novel, and the first in a series of three books, is Chasing Mercury, a romance-suspense-memoir about families committed to human and environmental rights.

September’s nonfiction writing covers health disparities, bioethics and film. She is a member of the National Writers Union (AFLCIO/UAW 1981), an affiliate of the International Federation of Journalists, and the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities. (She is also the founder of Cove International Publishers and published The Elephant In the Room: Bioethical Concerns in Human Milk Banking early last month.)

Sarah Kornfeld‘s experience with seizure, art and the ocean as medicine led her to write What Stella Sees, an adventure in magical realism in which all characters are forced to face creatures from their own depths. What Stella Sees, weaves a complex tale of love, art, and transformation spanning from San Francisco to Israel, Bucharest to Paris.

Kornfeld was born and raised in the experimental theater that is New York City. She is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and has taught cultural curation at the University of San Francisco. Sarah is a founding member of the Blue Mind Collective studying the impact of the ocean on our lives and well-being.

Sarah is a proud member of the National Writers Union. She was published in The Journal of Brand Strategy out of the United Kingdom*. Her debut novel is published by Cove International Press.


…the more i discover about who i was in the room with — the more I realize what an honor it was that they shared their time with me. I hope you enjoy their company as well. And I hope to see you next year for season six of LWG.


Live With Greg – Season 5 Episode 44 – Quality

I had the honor recently to spend time with one very near to my heart: Sequoia Chenoah Roane.

She is amazingly creative; an artist extraordinaire! She is immersed in exploring what Life is, a practitioner of Nature’s Wicca ceremonies…

I had some expectations for what we’d talk about and how things might go. Luckily, I was wrong—and therefore just had a wonderful piece of her time and energy.

I hope you, too, enjoy this Quality time!