what ails me

it has been a very pleasant weekend

and my body has me thinking it is deteriorating. well, it is deteriorating – we come to these bodies with an expiration date.

though i believe it to be foolish for one to think they know the future; it is an eternal flow of possibilities.

so, my statement regarding my mortality is a bit insane.

it’s just that it has seemed for me for a while that i haven’t been operating physically at an optimum for some time… and nothing seems to shift my physical well-being.

oh, never mind… this obviously isn’t going public – this isn’t the topic for friendly conversation.

sex and death are the two givens on this planet that are intimately intertwined with our lives; but we shan’t talk of them opening and with ease… no, we shall whisper their potentials into the hallowed pages of centerfolds and memorial prayer business cards scattered about chapel parking lots like loose feathers from an ascending angel’s wings.

hmmm… i seem to have gotten off track; where was i?

oh, yes… it has been a very pleasant weekend

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