Wonder of Wonders

It has been an interesting week. I believe my psoriasis is getting better… and I fantasize that it is a biological symptom of transformation – me coming out of my cocoon.

Ah, ha ha ha ha ha… the silly things we imagine in order to make peace with what is.

I had a podcast taping yesterday with Brother Toast; which was very interesting. Our topic was (is?) race. Ultimately what I learned is healthy human relations rely on respect, not equality—because equality exists. We are equal. Respecting others, and ourselves, is peaceful co-existence.

I think I am also learning to be more at peace with my centered self—the core of my being. And allowing others to communicate any dissonance in our co-existence without feeling attacked, threatened… hearing their truth without judging it or reacting adversely from it.

Also a lesson I heard from Toast… as he spoke of not allowing himself to be knocked off his center of self. Another way to perhaps phrase it; not losing one’s cool regardless of what one is hearing and experiencing in any given moment.

Yeah, so… a good week. Challenging. And I know I’m not alone in the challenges of life, because family and friends have shared some of theirs with me this week.

So, as Mavis has sang…and will sing again…we are not alone.

One day at a time…

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