Episode 62 of Live With Greg: Black Lives Matter

Live With Greg – Season 7 Episode 62 – Black Lives Matter

I appreciate this episode very much – with a close friend and guide; Marc Wendt.

I trust him absolutely with the potentially volatile topic we broached this episode – and I know he has a solid experience in dissecting and learning about his own place in a racist system. And he is devoted to being part of the healing and eradication of racism.

So… we ventured forth.

Part of my trust stems from the knowledge from experience that our faux pas aren’t game-stoppers; they’re to be learned from – part of the process of healing. Thus, I don’t need to avoid areas of challenge.

I hope you, also, appreciate this timely episode.

If interested, the course Marc refers to is, “heal thyself diversity intensive for people racialized as white”. More about it – and signing up can be found here: https://www.intersectionformankind.com/remember-institute-courses/healthyself

And if you are interested in hiring an amazing, and very dedicated life coach in your life – I highly recommend working with Marc. His site is at https://www.marcwendtcoaching.com/.

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