Live With Greg – Season 7 Episode 63 – Chickeebob

Bob Wertzberger – daaaammmnnnnn! There is nothing but a good vibe in my life from this gentleman!

Wertz introduced me to a lot of the music that first formed my appreciation for… Rock n Roll!

Van Halen, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, U.F.O.… all first heard with, and because of, Wertzberger! We liked it loud.

We even had a lunch hour radio show that we pre-recorded and broadcast in the HHS cafeteria. Not yet open to the nuance of genre — and plethora of possibility — it was a very one-sided presentation of the music listened to by the student body.

Wertz was one of my solid hang-outs, adventurers, buddies… and it was great to hang with him again, in the autumn of our years… and find that brotherhood is as solid today as it ever was.

I recommend listening to more of his music, under the names:
Bobnoxious: Soundcloud | Pandora
Chickeebob: BA Punk | Facebook | Hear Now

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