The G.O.A.T


As I write, I’m two weeks into a burning rash that has me looking like I’ve got a bad sunburn… peeling, flaky… I think the point is made. It even hurts to look sideways sometimes as my eyes pull on the dried-out lids. How’s this for an opening?

Needless to say, it’s an energy suck. And I think writing about the reasons I haven’t gone to a doctor is for a different post. Lets just leave it at, this isn’t my first experience of this sort.

AND – as I write this… Tampa Bay is celebrating a blowout win over KC; with the oldest winning quarterback to win a Super Bowl. And I think of the energy of each quarterback that played tonight; Brady and Mahomes. Is it really a case of mindset? Is that why Kansas City lost tonight- because they were out-played mentally?

That seems too trite; a simple dismissal of everything involved.

Me Myself and I

I think about my own challenges I believe in right now… as I sit here; burning and itching – success seems like an impossible dream. And how doth I weigh my success? It would be an overall joy in living. A home of my own; with all that a home brings. Vibrant health and a healing presence… of mind.

And there it is. I would have a mindset of Joyful exuberance and “go get ’em” Hope. A mindset; a state of mind.

So… shall I really find a way to climb from the hole I experience living in right now?

I sure hope so. I hope our endeavor with Prankster Entertainment is a business success! I would like to own my own home on the face of Tam with enough room for all my family to stay… I’d like to be partnered with like-minded people – where we are more likely to bolster each other to the top of our dreams instead of being defensive when things are called out that are hindering our best.


When I first learned of being a goat, it was via Charles Shultz and his comic strip; Peanuts. Charlie Brown was continually the goat, the loser, the one who fell flat though he was looking at being the hero.

Is Mahomes a loser? I don’t think there are losers…

Our living in Joy is our responsibility. And I believe we each are doing our best at any moment…

This isn’t really conclusive, this post. Because, Life is unfolding – eternally… every moment to be discovered. My hope for myself and others, is that we discover our moments – and live them – as consciously as possible.

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